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JPW150QT/200QT/250QT Large-sized horizontal fully automatic baler
  • Scope:
  • Large-sized automatic horizontal model widely used in carton factory packaging factory printing factory paper -making factory waste disposal station waste recycle station logistics and other places that can generate plenty of waste materials and   have a request unmanned operation; Specially for different leftover material from waste paper boxes cardboard die-cutting machine and plastic PET bottles plastic film straw cloth palm fibers fiber cotton and other loose material.
Product Introduction
Open type structure makes packaging conveniently and improves work efficiency.
Three sides convergent way counter loop type tightening and loosening through the oil cylinder automatically.
It configures with PLC program and touch screen control operated simply and equipped with automatic feeding detection can compress bale automaticallyrealize unmanned operation.
It designs as special automatic strapping device quickly simple frame acting stably low failure rate and easy to maintain.
It equipped with the starting motor and the booster motor to save power energy consumption and cost.
It has a function of automatic fault diagnosis improving the efficiency of detection.
It can set block length arbitrarily and accurately record data of balers.
Adopt unique concave type of multi-point cutter design to improve the cutting efficiency and prolong its service life.
Used the German hydraulic technology to save energy and protect environment.
Adopt the vessel classification of welding process to ensure that equipment is more stable and reliable.
Adopt the YUKEN valve group Schneider appliances.
Adopt the British imported seals to ensure without phenomenon of oil leak and improve the service life of the cylinder.
Block size and voltage can be customized according to customers' reasonable requirements. Bales weight depends on different materials.
It has three phase voltage and safety interlock device simple operation can connect with pipeline or conveyor line to feed material directly improve working efficiency.
Data Sheet
Model JPW150QT JPW200QT   JPW250QT
Hydraulic power 150Ton 200Ton 250Ton
Packaging sizeW*H*L 1100*1100*(300-2100)mm 1100*1100*(300-2100)mm  1100*1250*(300-2100)mm
Feed opening sizeL*W 2200*1100mm 2400*1100mm 2800*1100mm
Bale density  600-750Kg/m3 700-850Kg/m3  850-1000Kg/m3
Bale line 5Line 5Line 5Line
Capability  14-18T/hour 15-20T/hour 20-25T/hour
Power 93KW/124HP 111KW/148HP 146KW/195HP
Machine size(L*W*H)mm 10000*4250*2500 10200*4370*2500 12300*4468*2600
Machine weight 20Ton 30Ton 35Ton
* the above parameters can be customized to customer's requirement.
Size chart

Optional Configuration
 Specific optional configurations can be customized according to customer needs. If you want to know more, please consult the pre-sales service staff. 
Standard Configuration
Optional auxiliary material
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