You can search for applicable models according to your material
To Compress Scrap Metal
JPY-T30 Oil drum press machine
Dedicated model used for the compression and blocking of me tal drums likeoildru
JPA080T80/T100/T120 Heavy duty vertical double-cyl
Wide application with double cylinderssuitable for pressing a variety ofwastepap
JPY81-T75 Metal Baling machine
JPY81serieshydraulicme talbalingpressareapplicabletocompressandbriquettevarious
JPY81-100/125/135/160/200/250/315/400A/B Hydraulic
Apply to compressing of all kinds of me tal scrap into blocks(steel shavings was
JPY-53X63/80/100/120/160/200/250/315/400/500/600 H
This model is used atme tal recycling plants scrap car disassembling plants smel
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