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JP30LT/50LT/60LT/80LT/120LT/150LT Vertical Hydraulic Baler (Box Lifting)
  • Scope:
  • Apply to used clothes recycling/wool /fiber packing and other textile industries ;suitable for materials that need outer packaging after compressing  to prevent pollution; ”#”shape strapping higher efficiency. 
Product Introduction

This machine is vertical structure with lifted chamber suitable for clothes bedding and fiber products.
It controlled by electrical buttons easy to operate.
Assemble scram buttons installed separately and operated more safety.
Suitable for products in need of outer package bales are trapped in “#”shape.
6 models have different bale size and compression suitable for customers who have different requirements for bale weight and capacity.
Adopt England brand sealing parts; improve the life time of oil cylinder.
Oil pipe joint adopts conical without gasket form no oil leakage phenomenon.
Adopt Taiwan brand superposition type valve group.
Adopt connect motor with pump directly to ensure 100% concentricity and extend use life of pump.

Data Sheet

Model JP30LT JP50LT JP60LT
Hydraulic power(Ton) 30 50 60
bale size(L*W*H)mm 700*400*(350-700) 760*520*(400-800) 1000*700*(400-800)
Feed opening size(L*H)mm 700*400 760*460 1000*460
Chamber Size(L*W*H)mm 700*400*1250 760*520*1250 1000*700*1250
Bale weight(Kg) 40-60 80-120 150-200
Power(Kw/Hp) 7.5Kw/10Hp 11Kw/15Hp 15Kw/20Hp
Machine size(L*W*H)mm 1200*840*3780 1400*850*3780 1750*1270*3780
Weight(Kg) 1900 2300 2800

Model JP80LT JP120LT JP150LT
Hydraulic power(Ton) 80 120 150
bale size(L*W*H)mm 1100*800*(400-900) 1100*800*(500-1250) 1100*1000*(700-1450)
Feed opening size(L*H)mm 1100*460 1100*600 1100*700
Chamber Size(L*W*H)mm 1100*800*1250 1100*800*1650 1100*1000*1950
Bale weight(Kg) 200-300 350-550 450-600
Power(Kw/Hp) 18.5Kw/25Hp 22Kw/30Hp 30Kw/40H
Machine size(L*W*H)mm 1850*1370*3800 1850*1400*4680 1900*1600*5250
Weight(Kg) 3500 4200 5800

* the above parameters can be customized to customer's requirement.
Size chart
Optional Configuration
Specific optional configurations can be customized according to customer needs. If you want to know more, please consult the pre-sales service staff.
Standard Configuration
Optional auxiliary material
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