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  • Plate separator
  • * Designed for air and waste materials separation
    * The plate separator feed from the side, discharge the wind from the other side, so the installation height no need too tall, and just occupy a small area.  
    * The separator diameter is determined by the total air flow into the processing system and the total waste capacity.
Technical Parameters
Model Length(mm) Air exhausting way
JPBSFL-1000 1000 Side exhausting
JPBSFL-1500 1500 Side exhausting
JPBSFL-2000 2000 Side exhausting
JPBSFL-2500 2500 Side exhausting
JPBSFL-3000 3000 Side exhausting

  • Cyclone Separator
  • * Designed for air and waste materials separation.
    The cyclone separator feed from the side, discharging the wind from the top, so the installation height should be tall enough.
    There will be dust in the air vents, can collect the dust and then proceed it together.
    The separator diameter and height are determined by the total air flow into the processing system.
Technical Parameters
Model Diameter(mm) Air exhausting way
JPZQFL-1500 1500  upper exhausting
JPZQFL-1800 1800  upper exhausting
JPZQFL-2000 2000  upper exhausting
JPZQFL-2200 2200  upper exhausting
JPZQFL-2500 2500  upper exhausting

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