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Shredding Fan
  • Silencer Cover
Technical Parameters
  • Muffler
Technical Parameters
  • Soundless self-suction feeder
  • * Reducing the noise to 20 dB, with the pressure loss under 20-30 millimeter of water
    The structure is simple and ingenious, lightweight and effective
    When the blower is equipped with soundproof, air inlet and outlet muffler, the noise level can be reduced to 85 db
    Muffler, whistle box with various special specifications can be customized
Technical Parameters


Diameter Product Name Model specification Noise elimination value
Φ200  Air inlet silencer   XSQ.J-200 20~22dB
 Air outlet silencer   XSQ.C-200 20~22dB
Φ230  Air inlet silencer   XSQ.J-230 20~22dB
 Air outlet silencer   XSQ.C-230 20~22dB
Φ250  Air inlet silencer   XSQ.J-250 20~24dB
 Air outlet silencer   XSQ.C-250 20~24dB
Φ280  Air inlet silencer   XSQ.J-280 20~24dB
 Air outlet silencer   XSQ.C-280 20~24dB
Φ300  Air inlet silencer   XSQ.J-300 20~24dB
 Air outlet silencer   XSQ.C-300 20~24dB
Φ350  Air inlet silencer   XSQ.J-350 24~28dB
 Air outlet silencer   XSQ.C-350 24~28dB
Φ400  Air inlet silencer   XSQ.J-400 24~28dB
 Air outlet silencer   XSQ.C-400 24~28dB

  • Direct Type Shredding Fan
  • * With the shredding function, feed the materials evenly.
    * At the impeller have four throwing knives, and in the air inlet end equipped with a fixed cutter.
    * How to choose the model: waste paper capacity, the transmit distance ,and other technical parameters.
Technical Parameters


 Model Air Pressure Air Volume  Rotation Speed Power The diameter of air Inlet(mm)  The diameter of air outlet(mm) 
JP-4.5A-5.5Kw 2530-3126(Pa) 1879-3856(m³/h) 2900(r/min) 5.5Kw Ø200 2-Ø150 Ø200
JP-4.8A-7.5Kw 2714-3558(Pa) 2183-4150(m³/h) 2900(r/min) 7.5Kw Ø200 2-Ø150 Ø200
JP-4.9A-11Kw 2828-3708(Pa) 2627-4994(m³/h) 2900(r/min) 11Kw Ø220 2-Ø150 Ø220
JP-5.2A-15Kw 3185-4175(Pa) 3140-5968(m³/h) 2900(r/min) 15Kw Ø250 2-Ø150 Ø250
JP-5.35A-18.5Kw 3372-4420(Pa) 3420-6500(m³/h) 2900(r/min) 18.5Kw Ø250 2-Ø180 Ø250
JP-5.6A-22Kw 3694-4842(Pa) 3922-7455(m³/h) 2900(r/min) 22Kw Ø250 2-Ø180 Ø300

  • Belt Type Shredding Fan
  • * Belt drive, at the impeller have three throwing knives, and in the air inlet end equipped with a fixed cutter.
    * Using SKF bearing drive, low failure rate, good crushing effect.
    * How to choose the model: Cardboard quantitations, production line speed, trimming width, transmit distance and other technical parameters.
Technical Parameters


 Model  Air Pressure   Air Volume  Rotation Speed  Power The diameter of air Inlet(mm ) The diameter of air outlet(mm) 
JP-6.85CG-18.5KW 2374-3110(Pa) 4704-8939(m³/h) 1900(r/min) 18.5KW Ø250 Ø250
JP-6.85CG-22KW 2900-3800(Pa) 5200-9880(m³/h) 2100(r/min) 22KW Ø250 Ø300
JP-6.85CG-30KW 3478-4558(Pa) 5695-10821(m³/h) 2300(r/min) 30KW Ø300 Ø300
JP-6.85CG-37KW 3947-5172(Pa) 6066-11526(m³/h) 2500(r/min) 37KW Ø300 Ø350
JP-9C-45KW 4098-5368(Pa) 6870-13057(m³/h) 1900(r/min) 45KW Ø350 Ø350

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