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Shredder (Crusher)
  • Cardboard & Paper Tube Shredder Machine
  • Scrapped large cardboard from corrugation line and paper core tube are generally firstly crushed by the cardboard & paper tube two in one shredder produced by our company, and then broken cardboard and paper tube will be sent to waste paper room through fan pipe conveying in the form of flakes instead of the traditional block. The cardboard & paper tube two in one shredder is designed for the recycling of large cardboard and paper core tubes. It is with high efficiency, high processing capacity, simple manual operation, and is safe and efficient
Technical Parameters
model feed opening size(L*H)mm crushing capacity(kg/hr) power(kw/HP) machine size(L*W*H)mm machine weight (kg)
JP1500YT 1500*50(Cardboard )
diameter130(Paper Tube)
500m/h(Paper Tube)
14 2450*1750*2000 4300

  • Carton shredder
  • The principle of this machine is crushing the material through high-speed spinning blade the future of this machine is simple structure high universality high capacity and high security. Inside the crushing chamber the rotor spins in high speed the material is crushed into scraps through blade cutting and friction of toothed plate then output from the front of the machine. Finally the scraps will be conveyed to storage bag or stock house by centrifugal fan.
Technical Parameters
model feed opening size(L*H)mm crushing capacity(kg/hr) power(kw/HP) machine size(L*W*H)mm machine weight (kg)
JP-PT300 270*300 300 15/20 2100*1200*1500 1000

  • Single-shaft shredder
  • The uniaxial shredder is strong and durable with low speed knife low noise environmental protection and energy saving.
    Consists of moving knife and fixed knife convenient to replace strong anti impact force.                 
    Hydraulic push feed safe and stable.
    According to different materials different types of knives and materials can be selected.
Technical Parameters
Model Motor Power
Qty of Rotor Blades
Qty of Fixed Blades
JP-SS600 22/29 30 4 1700*1580*1780 2200
JP-SS8000 45/60 36 4 2200*1780*2100 3700
JP-SS2000 75/100 58 4 3500*2000*2400 7000
Glass Shredder 3/4 3 2 630*840*1453 300

  • Carton crusher
  • Suitable for carton recycling in logistics field and distribution center.High efficiency and density after crushing and compressing.
Technical Parameters
Model Feed Opening Size 
Crushing Capacity 
Power (kw/HP) Carton Size
Mini mode >700 1200*750 7/8.75 «800*500*500
Medium model >700 1500*1000 10/12.5 «1200*800*800
Big model >700 2400*1500 15/20 «2000*1200*1000

  • Mineral rock wool shredding machine
Technical Parameters
  • Hard paperboard,book shredder
  • Suitable for crushing the thick waste paper from semi-automatic die-cutting machine that is too rigid to compress before shredding.With high efficiencyhigh capacity and less noise.
Technical Parameters
model crushing capacity
feed opening size
JP-DS500 500/小时 850*650 15Kw/20Hp
JP-DS1000 1000/小时 1150*700 20Kw/30Hp
JP-DS2000 2000/小时 1350*725 37Kw/50Hp

  • Dual application crusher for carton and plastics
Technical Parameters
  • Double-shaft Shredder
  • this mahine can be used for the baler machine according to the requirement on the site the waste can be feed into the shredder machine by conveyor ;after crushingthen drop into the baler machine for compressing.
Technical Parameters

Model  Crushing Capacity(Kg/Hr) Feed Opening Size (L*H)mm Power(Kw/Hp)
JP-DS500 500/h 850*650 15Kw/20Hp
JP-DS1000 1000/h 1150*700 20Kw/30Hp
JP-DS2000 2000/h 1350*725 37Kw/50Hp

  • Daily necessities (sanitary napkins, diapers) destroyer
Technical Parameters
  • Glass Crushing Machine
  • *This machine is mainly suitable to crushing PCPO with long length, for example: glass bottle, plastic bottle, plastic pipe and etc.
    *The material can be feed continuously, do not need to pre-cut.
    *This model can feed material automatically by conveyor, simple operating and maintaining.

Technical Parameters


Model Glass Crushing Machine
Rotor Ø (mm) approximate   200mm
Rotor knife qty 3
Fixed knife qty 2
Diameter of sieve hole(ellipse)(W*L)mm maxφ40   miniφ20
Capacity  50-120kg/hr
Power  3Kw/4Hp
Hopper opening (L*W) 355*265mm
Weight  300Kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 630*840*1453mm

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