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Dust collector
  • Small-size Filter Dust Collector JP-FL4
  • * Adopt advanced manufacturing technique.
    * Deep fold design enlarged filter area prolonged lifetime.
    * Filter plate can be chosen upon working environment whose dust removal rate can reach 99.99%.
Technical Parameters
Data Sheet:
Model JP-FL4
Filtering drum quantity 4
Filtering drum diameter Φ300
Air blower power/horseKw/Hp 5.5Kw/7.5Hp
Air capacitym³/H 3000-5500m³/H
  • Filter Drum Type Dust Collector JP-FL8/FL16
  • * Adopts advanced workmanship. 
    * Deep folds design adding filtering area prolong usage life. 
    * Filtering material is decided by working condition dust collecting efficiency can reach and surpass 99.99%.
Technical Parameters
Model JP-FL8 JP-FL16
Filtering drum quantity 8 16
Filtering drum diameter Φ300 Φ300
Air blower power/horse(Kw/Hp) 7.5Kw/10Hp 15Kw/20Hp
Air capacity(m³/H) 5700-8500m³/H 9000-15000m³/H

  • Filter Plate Type Dust Collector JP-FP16/32/48/72/96
  • * Adopt advanced manufacturing technique.
    * Designed with shallow fold which prevent from dust deposition, powder blockage, and omitting. Dust removal rate reaches to more than 99.99%.
    * Modular design, processing in mould mode, quality guaranteed.
    * There is no keel which can avoid collision and friction between filter-bag and case. Bag-holding phenomenon can also be avoided.
    * Filter material can be chosen according to operating condition. The replacement cycle for materials can be extended.
Technical Parameters
Model JP-FP16 JP-FP32 JP-FP48
Filter plate quantity 16 32 48
Filter plate diameter Φ130*1250 Φ130*1500 Φ140*1500
Motor Power/horseKw/Hp 5.5Kw/7.5Hp 11Kw/15Hp 15Kw/20Hp
Air capacitym³/H 6000-8000m³/H 11000-15000m³/H 15000-20000m³/H



Model JP-FP72 JP-FP96
Filter plate quantity 72 96
Filter plate diameter Φ150*2000 Φ150*2500
Motor Power/horseKw/Hp 22Kw/30Hp 37Kw/45Hp
Air capacitym³/H 25000-30000m³/H 35000-45000m³/H

  • Filter Bag Type Dust Collector JP-FS48/96/128/150/256
  • *  Filter-bag dust collector is a type of dry dust filtering device, which generally adopts round pocket and can be divided into side inlet and under inlet according to dusty airflow orientation.
    *  Filter-bag dust collector is mainly made up of box, filter bag, cage frame one-shape, pulse-jet system, ash discharge and so on.
    *  Filter-bag dust collector’s structure is easy and conveniently to maintain.
Technical Parameters
Model JP-FS48 JP-FS96 JP-FS128 JP-FS150 JP-FS256
Bag quantity 48 96 128 150 256
Bag size (dia)mm Φ130*1250 Φ130*1500 Φ140*1500 Φ150*2000 Φ150*2500
Air blower power/horse(Kw/Hp) 5.5Kw/7.5Hp 11Kw/15Hp 18.5Kw/22Hp 30Kw/37.5Hp 45Kw/60Hp
Air capacity(m³/H) 5000-80000m³/H 10000-15000m³/H 20000-25000m³/H 30000-35000m³/H 45000-55000m³/H

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