You can search for applicable models according to your material
Accessories And Materials
Double-shaft Shredder
this mahine can be used for the baler machine according to the requirement on th
packing woven fabric
suitable for the material needing to the outer packing (LT type ,four-door wit
Woven Bags
Suitalbe used for bagging machine
Flim packing bag
Suitable used for bagging machine (Film plastic bags,woven bags)
Filter Drum Type Dust Collector JP-FL8/FL16
widely used in the industries of plastic chemical, electricity mineral, building
Filter Plate Type Dust Collector JP-FP16/32/48/72/
Filter plate separator is widely used in plastic chemicals, power and mining, co
Filter Bag Type Dust Collector JP-FS48/96/128/150/
Filter-bag dust collector is widely used in printing, corrugated paper,plastic c
Small-size Filter Dust Collector JP-FL4
widely used in plastic chemicals, power and mining, metallurgical and building m
Big roll iron wire
Suitable for various sizes of bale strapping,adopting secondary annealing, good
Soft strapping belt
Applicable to the specified vertical baler machine strapping the bale.
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