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    Wal-Mart Group
    As we all know, Wal-Mart Group is an American large-scale supermarket operator, whose Wal-Mart shopping malls run around the world. Supermarkets will produce large quantities of recyclable materials such as cartons, plastic bags and so on. Therefore, the demand in this industry will be huge. However, as one of the fortune top 500 enterprise, Wal-Mart has strict requirements on the suppliers. In 2011, Wal-Mart Group's headquarters in China conducted the first contact with Jiabao Machinery.

    On the issues how to deal with supermarket cartons garbage and so on, Jiabao Machinery put forward own views, due to narrow place in the supermarket, so small baler equipment was chosen to use, and meanwhile fulfilling their productivity. In addition, the safety requirements of US companies for the equipment is the most important, Jiabao Machinery made great efforts on the baler machine safety and all aspects of safety has been fully considered, from hydraulic buffering anti-explosion to open-door safety chain lock, and also manufacturing is in strict accordance with the EU's CE safety system certification requirements as EU acquired.

    Initial approval has been obtained by the Wal-Mart Group. After more than two years of investigation, representatives of Wal-Mart Group and third-party certified companies went to Jiabao Machinery factory for site visits and certifications on many occasions, finally confirming Jiabao Machinery's qualification as a Wal-Mart Group supplier and signing long-term baling machine supply contract, so far, Jiabao Machinery has provided hundreds of balers equipments for Wal-Mart Group supermarkets in China.
    The deep cooperation with Wal-Mart is the achievement of Jiabao Machinery’s strict self-request. Jiabao Machinery has been engaged in the foreign trade exporting since 2000, always adhering to the high quality and keeping pace with the world, and striving to make the products approved by European and American countries. Since then, Jiabao Machinery has entered a new era of rapid development.

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