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    Shandong Greatview Aseptic Packaging Packing Co., Ltd.
    Shandong Greatview Aseptic Packaging Packing Co., Ltd is a milk bag manufacturer, in 2013, Jiabao Machinery was involved in waste discharge system designing for the trimming dropped from Greatview Aseptic Packaging slitter and laminating machine. 
    Milk bag industry is different with paper industry, which belongs to the soft bag packing industry, and its materials are paper plastic composite, and especially the trimming treatment from laminating machine is for pure PE film. Jiabao Machinery encountered a challenge. After on-site technical personnel exploration from Jiabao Machinery and communication with customers, Jiabao Machinery found that when cutting the paper plastic composite material and pure PE membrane materials, general shredded paper fan can’t be used, as it can’t be cut off and will be wrapped around the fan shaft, through the friction, there may be a risk of fire. 

    Jiabao Machinery decided to introduce foreign shredding machine for trimming material cutting and then are transported to baling room through exhaust fan. Two kinds of materials due to different recycling value are collected by two respective baling machines to handle.

    The paper plastic composite materials from slitting machine are pressed and baled by full automatic baling machine, in the later stage, the pulse bag filter is used for dust removal. However, the pure PE films from laminating machine are pressed and baled by dual pressure head PP automatic strapping equipment as the surface is too smooth, and wire easy to be fallen. Due to the small amount of dust from the PE membrane, a simple filter drum type dust collector is used for the dust removal in the later stage.

    The whole system is divided into two part, different materials are treated by different ways, which is the technical characteristics of Jiabao Machinery. Different ways of automatic collection, compression, packing and dust removal are used for different materials to avoid late failure problems.

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