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    Hebei Xinhua Union Printing Co., Ltd.
    Hebei Xinhua Union Printing Co., Ltd., formerly was named Hebei Baoding Xinhua No. I plant. By investing in new factories in 2013, relocation of new plant production in 2014, and officially changed its name to "Hebei Xinhua Union Printing Co., Ltd.". The new plant merged with former Xinhua No.1 and No.2 plants. With a large scale, the design of the waste discharge plan has been taken into consideration in the construction of the new plant. In 2013, JiaBao Machinery undertook this large-scale waste discharge plan design.
    The overall program, at the first part of program, JiaBao Machinery adopted the way like that 3 lines of adhesive binding line are conveyed with one main pipeline, three sets of saddle stitches line conveyed with another one main pipeline, and other three-knife trimmer, and forces the mouth machine conveyed separately due to distance. A total of 4 exhaust blowers are used to transport waste paper and dust. At the latter part of program, the designing of baling room is a shinning part, in response to the late special shutdown which may occur, Union printing required the installation of two fully automatic baling press machines, and on the air-paper separation equipment there was cylinder conversion device customized that can realizes the function of using two devices alternately and ensures the normal operation of the device. In the back-end of separation equipment, the dust removal equipment was installed to make the entire packaging room environment clean, and no dust flying, which ensures that the operating environment of the operator, and also avoids potential safety problems, in line with national environmental protection requirements.
    The overall waste disposal program has been running stable until now. JiaBao Machinery has been adhering to regular reminding for equipment maintenance and repair, which gets recognition and praise from Union Printing.

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