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    Hennes&Mauritz Commercial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (HM)
    H & M, a clothing brand from Sweden, has a global apparel sales network. In 2012, it invested in the China Logistics Center in KunShan and took charge of the apparel logistics and distribution system in China. In the process of logistics and dispensing, a large number of cartons for loading garments were produced. How to automatically collect these cartons and compressed packaging, as the logistics industry waste discharge project, JiaBao Machinery has the honor of designing this program.
    In 2013, JiaBao Machinery was invited to conduct preliminary project discussions with H & M Swedish engineers. Based on the basic data of the carton size, conveying speed and handling capacity provided by H & M Co., Ltd., JiaBao Machinery selected JPW100QT fully automatic carton packing Machine to achieve this application through precise calculations. In order to save labor, starting from H & M's garment dispensing station, belt conveyor line will be used to uniformly delivery of cartons from the first floor, second floor, third floor respectively to the baling room, therefore , JiaBao Machinery engineers equipped JPW100QT automatic carton baler with a chain conveyor line to achieve the purpose of cushioning. All the cartons fall into the pit of the chain conveyor line, and then transported to the baler to avoid congestion of the cartons at feeding point.
    In 2014, the entire system was installed. After testing, performance and output all achieved the expected results. The successful implementation of the program also opened a new course for JiaBao Machinery in the waste discharge project of logistics industry.

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