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    Dec 2-3,2017 New Factory Completion and Industry Exchange Meeting Got a Complete
    On December 2-3, 2017, many industry leaders gathered in Nantong Rugao city, and visited Nantong Jiabao new factory-The current industry's largest R & D and manufacturing base on waste packaging equipment! This is a golden hour activity for industry elites gathering and sharing.

    Nantong Jiabao a small step, a major step in the packaging and printing industry
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    As a leader in the industry, Nantong Jiabao held this exchange to provide an exchange and sharing platform for us. Every field has its master. Let everyone enjoy discussing the status quo and development trend of the industry, and at the same time we can also understand the pain points and difficulties in the industry, listening to the aspirations of customers, and researching and manufacturing innovative equipments to meet customer needs.

    On December 2, from all over the packaging and printing industry, nearly 230 heads of enterprises have arrived in Nantong Jiabao Machinery Co., Ltd, including Shanghai Tobacco Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd., Suzhou PLS Packaging Materials Co., Ltd., Stora Enso (Beihai) Pulp Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Hua Shen Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. and others nearly 230 companies guests, as well as media representatives from Shanghai Printing Association, Nantong Packaging Association, Reed Exhibitions, Longkun Media, Hua Ning Culture more than 10 associations participated in this event.
    △Many guests taking group photos as souvenir

    △Guests signing and receiving our carefully prepared small gifts 

    Visiting Jiabao plant and product display area
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    The new plant is located in Rugao High-tech Industrial Park, Nantong City, covering an area of 32,000 square meters with beautiful scenery, standardized management, and reasonable process layout. The division of plant functions is clear and distinguishable, which is divided into: raw material area, blanking area, component warehouse, welding area, sheet metal area, assembly area, finished product area etc. with neatly arranged facilities, rigorous product classification, clean and hygienic workshop. At the gate of each factory, Jiabao's standardized management can be seen everywhere in the safety precautions picture, such as "must wear protective gloves", "must wear safety helmet", "must wear protective shoes" and "beware of hanging goods" and so on.

    With the guests coming one after another, we have gradually entered the plant in batches to visit a variety of waste discharge system displays which are popular selling products of Nantong Jiabao at home and abroad. Among them, the corrugated / carton / packaging industry waste discharge system display attracted the attention of many guests. This set of waste discharge system is specially designed by Jiabao Company for waste paper discharging on corrugated, cardboard boxes, and packaging industries, and also is the standard configuration of waste discharge program on corrugated packaging industry. 
    The entire system brings together many waste paper collection systems from a variety of equipments. First, the trims from the slitting machine of the corrugating line are conveyed to the cyclone by a shredder fan; Waste papers are conveyed by trench conveyor line which is put inside the reserved pit built when the printing slotting machine and die-cutting machine are positioned, and in the rear end, are conveyed to the cyclone by shredded fan; Selecting the place nearest the large cardboard scrap or stripped to put paper cardboard shredder to shred. After shredding, the waste papers will be conveyed to the cyclone through the shredded fan. And then all the waste papers through the gas paper separator are dropped into the automatic packing machine to achieve automatically compressed and baled, realizing basically unmanned waste discharging operations.

    Not only that, according to the different requirements of customers, they can also choose pulse bag filter for dust removal on this system, and the effect is significant. After the dust collecting, the environment of the baling room is renewed, the dust removal rate can be 99%, and the net gas can be directly discharged outdoors, in line with national environmental standards.
    △Jiabao Machinery waste discharge system equipment display
    △Nantong Jiabao staff explaining equipment for the guests 
    Seminar exchange and sharing to promote development
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    On the afternoon of the 2nd, Mr. Yang Jianming, vice president of the company, shared in detail with guests present on Nantong Jiabao's waste discharge solutions in the five major industries of the carton industry, the printing industry, the paper industry, the color box industry and the wastepaper recycling industry. On the seminar site, a great gathering of distinguished guests and elites enjoyed the big event of Jiabao, all trying to make their own contributions on promoting the development of the packaging and printing industry.

    In the analysis of color box waste discharge program, vice president Mr Yang said that during the color box packaging printing process, the waste papers are mainly generated from the die-cutting machine with less trimming material, and the size and specifications of them are different. And he also mentioned that the die-cutting machine is divided into automatic and semi-automatic two types and manually clearing will be needed if it is semi-automatic die-cutting type. Therefore, waste discharge groove belt conveyor is mainly adopted on this area of the waste disposal system by Jiabao Company, also known as light belt conveyor 
    For the printing industry, Nantong Jiabao has provided reasonable and efficient design solutions for a number of large-scale private printing enterprises and state-owned Xinhua Printing on wastepaper discharging system with stable operation, reducing the dust pollution and obviously improving the efficiency of waste paper recycling and packing. Among them, the whole set of waste disposal system is mainly for adhesive binding line, saddle stitches line, glue binding machine, three knives, trimmer machines and other equipments in the printing industry.

    Finally when talked about the film, paper and other industry programs, guests clearly understand that in these enterprise production workshops of two industries, waste papers generated in the production process from the slitting machine and die-cutting machine should be promptly cleaned, otherwise the production will be affected, and equipment space will be taken up, resulting in machine downtime. And also they knew that the entire waste process is divided into several steps such as suctioning paper edge, cutting edge, pipelines conveying, air paper separating, air filtrating, and waste collecting.

    △There are no empty seats on seminar site

    Go to the hotel for attending "Jiabao Appreciation Dinner"
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    Nantong Jiabao long-term formed industry status and brand advantages have attracted a large number of high-quality customers with stable cooperative relations, continuously improving company's industry international reputation during the international market development process. It can be said that without favors and supports from these customers all the way, Jiabao will not get brilliant achievements today. Therefore, in order to thank our customers’ love and trust on Jiabao for many years, Nantong Jiabao hereby arranged "Thanksgiving dinner" to express our heart! At the same time, Mr. Xu Jun, our chairman, get on the stage to make thanksgiving speech.

    △Appreciation Dinner Site

    △Our chairman, Mr. Xu Jun made thanksgiving speech 
    △Rich song and dance activities with a warm atmosphere on dinner scene 

    As a participant, the client wants to say
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    In the evening's thank-you dinner, Mr. Zhou, section chief from Shanghai Tobacco Packaging and Printing Co., Ltd, representing a large number of customers who are cooperating with Nantong Jiabao spoke out the voice of heart. He said that through the cooperation between Shanghai Tobacco Printing Co., Ltd. and Nantong Jiabao, they were conquered by Jiabao team's professional technology, high efficiency, prompt after-sales, considerate service and honest operation.

    In particular, he mentioned Jiabao chairman, Mr. Xu Jun’s style of active in work but modest in attitude has won the praise of many customers, and also mentioned that Jiabao sales conscientiously abiding by their professional ethics won the trust of many customers.

    Chief Zhou repeatedly emphasized: "From the beginning of attempting to cooperate to today's trust relationship can’t be explained by one sentence. It is formed in the emotional and comprehension of cooperation in business. From the beginning of providing baling machine program design to technical negotiations for our cigarette printing company, and then to our inspection on Nantong Jiabao, let us felt that Nantong Jiabao has a very special thing, that is, correct attitude, what can do, what can’t be done, abiding by rules, focusing on professional, quality products and no irresponsible attitude.”
    It is understood that until now, Shanghai Tobacco Printing has successively purchased 3 sets of waste discharge systems from Jiabao Company and these 3 sets of systems have been running very steadily in the company's production, bringing the company's waste paper packing work with great convenience.
    △Customer speaking 

    Touring the national AAAA level scenic "Rugao Water Painting Park"
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    On December 3, after tasting Rugao features breakfast, we arrived at the national AAAA scenic spot by car, touring "Rugao Water Painting Park", longevity village to make the landlord's friendship, so that let everyone take the time to relax in their usual busy schedule with more full and upward mental state into future work.
    △Accompanying the customer to visit the water painting garden, and the longevity village 
    △The hotel lunch as an end of this trip 
    Finally, praising for our Jiabao staff silent effort!
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    The smooth progress of this event can’t be achieved without our Jiabao staff quiet effort. The details are the symbol of our pursuit of perfection, such as from macro perspective of the arrangement of balloon banner, welcome slogan fluttering in the wind, to the small angle, each one glass neatly placed. Yes, our team is so conscientious and meticulous, no matter whether it is serving customers on the job, or dealing with the small things behind the scenes, no matter how big or trivial, everything can reflect the spirit of our Jiabao people.
    So, please do not mean your inspiration to us, and point greatly praise for Jiabao staff, and share out, letting more people know Jiabao, so let this so outstanding enterprise can service more customers, and lead more industry enterprises stepping on the road of environmental protection!

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