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    Operating practice (for reference)
    • * This safety operation regulation applicable to baler machine operators and strapping personnel.
      Be aware of the key hazards, main danger sources and important surrounding factors. (It is suggested that purchaser sign a security undertaking with the  operator)

      Safety operation regulations for horizontal balers
      The operators should wear personal protective equipments as required by the Labor Protection Regulations.
      The operators must operate this waste paper baler as specified in the Operating Instructions. Only people who understand the machine performance and operating methods can use this machine and should operate strictly in line with warning signs. No starting unless by operators.
      Before starting the machine, the operator should check the electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical systems to ensure they are intact. Only start the machine after confirming everything is normal.
      Cut off the power when operation finished or the operator is away. In this condition, the platen should return from the feeding chamber and stop.
      All belts, chain transmission parts must be covered with safety covers.
      Turn off the power before cleaning the machine, and hang out the maintenance warning sign.
      When the machine is running, don’t put your hands or any part of the body into any part of the machine (except the control panel), to avoid injuries or even casualties.
      In the event that there’s oil leak or other abnormal conditions, stop the machine immediately. Notify the maintenance personnel to repair and restart the machine after trouble eliminated. No operating under faulty conditions.
      No operating when the self-lubricating oiler is at low level.
      Lubricate the machine as required; keep the machine parts lubricating.
      Replace the hydraulic oil, clean the tank and oil filter as required, ensure the machine operates normally.
      It’s prohibited to store any hazardous items in the waste paper baling room.
      Safety operation regulations for vertical balers
      Please read the Operating Instructions carefully before using this machine, and operate strictly in line with warning signs. No starting unless by operators.
      The operators must wear necessary personal protective equipments and well understand the operating procedures. No starting unless by operators.
      When the machine is running, it’s strictly prohibited to put your hand or any part of the body into the machine where you may be injured.
      Don’t start to “press” before the feeding door or protecting door is closed.
      For strip shaped materials, cut off the residual material outside the feed opening before “pressing”.
      Please feed evenly, over feeding or uneven feeding will cause damage to the plate.
      Make sure there are no personnel or object in front of the door before opening it and stand in a safe position. Take out (turn over) the bales when it is safe for the operator.
      When baling materials that rebound greatly, press ”return stroke” to allow it return 50mm before opening  the door to release the pressure. Then open the chamber door to strap bales.
      Do not run the machine under over-high pressure or overloaded.

    • Other requirements
      No fire in the warehouse for fire safety.
      Stack bales to designated area and keep neat and safe, to prevent the bales falling down and causing injury.
      Clean up any waste and hazardous material in a timely manner; keep the site safe and tidy.
      Focus on the wires when cutting, in case of any injury caused by wire or bale rebounding.
      Cut off the power and water supply, and close any window before leaving the office. Only close the door after confirming everything is ok.
      Distinguish and sort various wastes generated from the operation by type, category and name as specified in the Main Waste Classification and Management.  Pile up the wastes to designated areas for disposal.
      Any breach to the Safe Operating Regulations of this machine (post) is subject to assessment according to the Management Regulations on Safety Performance Reward and Punishment.

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