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    Maintenance and Care
    According to the experience in maintaining and caring for over 10 years, we noticed people used to seek emergency repair only when it occurs fault or even break down, thus cause huge shutdown losses, or even seriously affect the production and delivery time. However, sometimes these are evitable. We hope users to read this manual carefully and operate the machine as specified. Conduct regular maintenance, decreasing stopping time due to machine failures and repair times, thus decrease the operation cost and lengthen the life time of the baler. Below are some tips for maintaining and caring the machine:

    For vertical balers

    Daily care
    1. Keep the machine surface clean and without any dust or soiling;
    2. Check to ensure the safety switch is in effect and the motor runs normally.
    Monthly care
    1. Check the machine to see if there is any leakage. Oil penetration on the piston rod indicates the O-rings needs to be changed. Oil film is considered as normal. Tighten any leaking parts with tools.
    2. Check every screw to see if there’s any loosening, tighten them if any.
    3. Lubricate the door hinges, connecting shaft and door guiding device.
    4. Check the connecting cable and electrical connection point to see if they are safe and reliable.
    Annual care
    1. Replace the oil filter in the hydraulic system.
    2. Change the hydraulic oil.

    For horizontal balers

    Daily care
    1. Check every part to see if they work well.
    2. Clean the waste on the machine surface, at both sides of and around the plate.
    3. Review the security methods to see if they work properly.
    Monthly care
    1. Inject grease into the mouths at every junction in the necking arm using grease gun.
    2. Clean the wire feeding machine and wire winding machine and apply grease.
    3. Pay special attention to the wire guiding wheels to see if they can rotate freely. Remove them to rust and lubricate if necessary. Replace with new bearing when it’s broken.
    4. Check the chain of the wire feeding machine and wire winding machine to see if there’s any loosening and tighten it if necessary.
    5. Remove the oil filter and check if there’s any oil stain blocking. Severe blocking will cause noises during pump running. Clean thoroughly with diesel. If it’s half blocked, that means the oil stains is overly built up, it should be cleaned as specified in the “Annual care”.
    6. Check the oil level gauge in the tank to see if it’s lower than the bottom limit. Refill oil when it’s inadequate. Refer to Oil Products in the brochure for oil specifications.
    Annual care
    1. Empty the oil tank. Open the cleaning window to clean the inside. Remove the oil filter and clean it with diesel. Then refill new oil.
    2. Check every part to make sure there’s no wearing, damage or drop off. Take care not to press the cutter, guide wheel, bearing, wire cutter and wire winding knife.

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