Solid Waste Discharge System
Whole Factory Trim Removal Solution for Soft Packaging Industry
The waste discharge system is for Tetra Pak (soft) package industry to collect and treat the waste from Slitter Laminating machine and other trimming waste generated production line. The trimming waste from Slitter is usually paper-plastic composite materials this system adopt cutting machine to cut the waste and deliver it to baling machine through pipeline shredder fan install at the end of system line in baling machine to reduce the noisy inside workshop. The waste material enters into the separator through the shredder fan and separates the materials and the dusty gas. The material enters the automatic baler under the separator and is automatically compressed and packed for collection. The dust-laden gas is collected and filtered through the dust collector.

The waste generated form Laminating machine is paper-plastic composite materials and sometimes pure PE material. There are two ways to collect the PE film edge: First do not cut off the delivery through a Venturi fan the film edge of the material directly deliver to the material box then transfer to baling room by labor; the second using the same cutting machine then transport to baling room separate by the separator to compress into bale or collect in material box. But the pure film will generate the static electricity in the pipeline making the material is not easy to drop in the separator so before entering the separator a special static elimination device need to install to ensure the entire system operation .

The entire system can automatically transfer and collect all wastes greatly reducing labor costs storage costs and transportation costs and effectively improve the workshop environment.
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Schematic diagram of waste discharge
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