Solid Waste Discharge System
Whole Factory Trim Removal Solution for Paper Mill Industry
For paper production line the waste paper edge will be sucked into air-blower by two suction inlets which are installed in rewinder paper cutting machine and splitting machine. Then will be delivered to separator by pipes after shredded scrap paper will fall into baling machine to compress. Dust gas will be centralized processing in water dust remover or bag dust collector through dust-removing fan transportation.

Water dust remover can connect to pulper or blowing-off pipes. Bag dust collector will be connected to briquetting machine through dedicated discharge valve; the dust will be compressed to block processing. 

Complete system can realize automatic operation; install pressure test equipment in separator and changed the frequency of the dust-cleaning fan by PLC real arithmetic instruction transformer to make systemic pressure balance. It will avoid system blocking for dust spraying or suspending in separator because of too large positive or negative pressure in baling machine.
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Schematic diagram of waste discharge
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