Solid Waste Discharge System
Whole Factory Trim Removal Solution for Publication Printing Industry

Our company has provided reasonable and efficient design solutions for a number of large-scale private printing enterprises and state-owned Xinhua Printing of waste paper discharge system. This system is stable and reduces dust pollution. The efficiency of waste paper recycling and packaging is obviously improved. The whole solution is mainly for removing the trim waste from adhesive binding line saddle stitches line book binding machine three-knife trimmer gate-folding machine and other equipments in printing industry.

1.The processing solution for the waste trim from Saddle Stitches Line(three-knife trimmer) Adhesive Binding Machine(three-knife trimmer/milling back station) and Gate-folding Machine 
Waste paper trim is collected by special suction mouth to pipeline and arrive waste paper baling room through corresponding shredder fan.

① Plate vale can be added at the pipe joint of each machine so that the customer can close unit set.
②  Pipeline can realize merge application by connecting with diameter switch joint or three joint.
③  Each bending of the pipeline all produced according to principles of air science avoiding backflow with vortex to reduce the possibility of resistance and block.
④  Shredder fan are putting at near baling room in shredder fan room centralized control make the workshop more clean and tidy.

2. Machine Layout of Baling Room
Usually the enterprise would put the baling room beside workshop or outside baling room. Baling room includes shredder fan room separator baling machine dust collector paper power blocking machine and etc.

①  Usually all the shredder fans are installed in shredder fan room
②  All the pipeline connect to plate separator the waste paper fall into baler machine after separating the air with dust sucked into dust collector by dust shredder fan the dust removal frequency can be adjust according to inlet air volume by automatic air balance system maintaining the air balance.
③   Fully automatic baler and semi-automatic baler can both be selected the waste paper compress into final baler by baler machine
④  Dust collection system is necessary equipment which meet national environmental protection requirements this equipment collect the dust from the whole system then output the clean air to outside with 95% efficiency.
⑤ Paper powder blocking machine is a option for customer it can compress the dust from dust collector into block for more convenient stack and transportation keeping the workshop clean and tidy.

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Schematic diagram of waste discharge
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